HPV Treatment


When treating an HPV infection, the first thing you should do is actually… not simply grab the nearest wart medication you can find, but to make sure you’re eating well.

The medicine’s job is to remove the wart, but you need your immune system to be in good shape in order to prevent the infection from recurring or spreading. We don’t often think about it, but our diet really does affect the strength of our immune system, and our immune system protects not only the bloodstream and internal organs also, but the skin, which happens to be the largest organ of the human body.

So load up on fruits and vegetables, drink some vitamin D milk, a lot of water, and get some sunlight.

As for treating the warts themselves, you may have heard some home remedies for common warts, and many of those might actually work… That said, you really shouldn’t try to fight genital warts without some real medication.

A genital wart remover like Podolox uses the compound Podofilox to literally burn away the genital warts. For this reason, wart remover must be handled with extreme care,

as it’s not unlikely to experience irritated skin around the infected area after a few days of use.

As with any chemical based medication, we cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of treating Podolox with care. Should spillage on healthy skin occur, wash the area immediately and thoroughly with soap and cold water. Should contact with the eyes occur, rinse immediately and contact your physician. We should also recommend against self-diagnosis. While genital warts are typically pretty easy to spot, there is a potential for misdiagnosis.

The active compound contained in Podolox works by dividing the cells. While the necrotic skin cells of wart tissue tend to fall apart more easily than living skin cells, Podolox should, nonetheless, be kept away from healthy skin as much as possible. Podolox is only to be used on external genital warts.

Until the infection itself has cleared up, the warts do remain highly contagious, and abstinence should be practiced until a physician has advised otherwise. Furthermore, because an HPV infection can remain for some time after the symptoms have been treated, the clearing up of genital warts should not be seen as a "green light", and you should not have sex without a condom unless your physician has informed you that this is safe. It should also be noted that Podofilox should not be treated as your sole form of protection against HPV.

Many HPV types may actually show no symptoms whatsoever, but may lead to cervical cancer, and these can only be identified by a Pap smear. While the HPV strains which result in genital warts do not result in cervical cancer, it is possible to have several strains of HPV at once. Medication can help with genital warts, but no medication serves as a substitute for safe sex and regular checkups.