H0w to Treat Genital Warts


Treating genital warts doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable subject that’s hard to tackle. Here, we’ve listed some tips while treating yourself for genital warts and some advice on the type of HPV Treatment you may find effective.

Treating the warts

There are heaps of home remedies for warts, some of which may be effective. It is recommended however that you do use medical treatment for genital warts to ensure they not only clear up but there is not a chance for them to reoccur in the near future as they were not initially treated correctly.

It is important to note that genital warts are often misdiagnosed, so to avoid using incorrect treatment, a diagnosis should be made by a doctor before pursuing any form of treatment.

Once you have been diagnosed with genital warts by your treating physician, you need to choose the correct treatment method.

Podolox is an external genital wart remover which burns away at genital warts using the compound Podofilox. Because of this, it needs to be handled with care, and should be applied carefully as it can cause some irritation to the surrounding healthy skin after being used for a few days.

A genital wart remover like Podolox uses the compound Podofilox to literally burn away the genital warts. For this reason, wart remover must be handled with extreme care, as it’s not unlikely to experience irritated skin around the infected area after a few days of use. If it does happen to come into contact with healthy tissue, rinse the area immediately with cold water and gentle soap. If it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse and contact your doctor.

Tips while undertaking treatment

Even whilst treating the warts, abstinence should be practiced as the warts are still very contagious.

It is also important to remember that while the warts may have cleared up, you may still have a HPV Infection and so therefore should not have sex without using a condom until you have the all clear from your doctor.

Taking care of your body

Of course, the healthier you are, the more likely your body’s immune system will be able to fight against the HPV Virus . This means eating well by making sure you get loads of vegetables and fruit each day, drinking lots of water and perhaps also having some vitamin D milk. Of course, being healthy like this most of the time is ideal, but is especially important when your body is trying to fight off an infection.

It is important to note that treatments like Podolox do not protect against every strain of HPV Virus. Many of the more harmful strains that can lead to cancer often have no symptoms so it is therefore important to always have check ups and pap smears to stay protected and ensure early detection of these strains of HPV.

Treating genital warts doesn’t have to be a difficult, embarrassing task. I hope our tips on looking after yourself and the types of treatments available have given you some ideas on the best way to treat genital warts that have been medically diagnosed by your doctor.